Adopt a tree with us!

We have always been committed to sustainability and respect for biodiversity.

We care about safeguarding the planet, and we are increasingly oriented towards adopting strategies that have a reduced environmental impact. We have chosen to support Treedom which, since its foundation in 2010, has planted more than 2.5 million trees, involving more than 147 thousand farmers around the world.

All trees are planted directly by local farmers, helping to produce environmental, social and economic benefits. Rural communities involved in the projects receive training and financial support, with the aim of establishing sustainable ecosystems and ensuring food sovereignty and income opportunities.

Help us grow and support the environment for a greener, biodiversity-friendly future!


Each tree is unique: it is photographed and geolocated at the moment it is planted and has its own online page, public and shareable.Whoever plants or receives a Treedom tree as a gift can:
  • Know the exact location of their tree, follow the story of the project to which it will give life, discovering the environmental and social benefits it will bring, through content published periodically on the Tree Diary;
  • Personalise your tree with a name and a message;
  • Quantify the CO₂ absorbed by your tree;
  • Know in real time the weather of the place where the tree is growing, the owners of neighbouring trees and much more.

Environmental benefits

Global CO2 absorption

Protection of biodiversity

Combating soil erosion and desertification


The Social and Economic Benefits

Direct funding to local farmers

Choice of trees to be planted made together with farmers

Cost coverage up to tree production stage

Training and income opportunities


Why Treedom?

  • Treedom carries out agro-forestry projects, achieving environmental and social benefits
  • Planting of trees
  • Global CO₂ absorption
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Fighting desertification and soil erosion
  • Financing local farmers
  • Training
  • Income opportunities and empowerment


We planted our first Cacao and Coffee trees, species that have the distinction of being, for the communities in the area, an additional source of income, as the harvest can be sold at a profit in local markets.






We want to make the world a better place, and to do that we need your help.

With a minimum purchase of 99€ on our website, you will help us plant more trees around the world and get one as a gift!

Once you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll send it to you directly by email so you know exactly where it is located and all its features! 💚