Become a Web Partner of Benessence

Spread well-being, become a well-being web partner

Anyone who wishes to transform their own passion for the world of well-being in something more can undertake the activity of Web Partner . This does not involve no bond of dependence or subordination and can be carried out in total autonomy, without limits of time, place and methods of promotion.

Each Benessence Web Partner will be assigned a personal code that he must communicate to the people he contacts, before they make purchases on the Benessence online store. From the moment of the first entry of the code, the buyer will become affiliated with the Web Partner who will receive a commission for each affiliate purchase .

Natura Srl does not require any membership or entry fees!

Combine your passion for wellbeing with the opportunity to become a Web Partner and earn income from the promotion of our products.

Natura Srl has created a collaboration program different from the classic pyramid promotion systems, which, thanks to our internet portal, focuses on the relationship between company, customer and Partner.

How does it work

By becoming a Wellness Web Partner, you will be able to follow our online training courses and access information material (brochures, product sheets, etc.). You will have the opportunity to print and share a lot of useful information in digital format.
You can promote your business via the internet, e-mail, Facebook and all other social networks. All in a simple and transparent way using the personalized link that will be assigned to you.
Or you can hand in your Coupon Partner code in person. For example by printing it on your business card, to give a discount to all your acquaintances!
By clicking on your link or entering the Coupon code, the customer you refer will receive an immediate discount on the first purchase, while you will generate commissions on an account that you can verify online.
Each time you refer a client, their account is assigned to you as a Wellness Web Partner. Each of its purchases will help generate a commission on your account.
Upon exceeding a predetermined amount of commissions, you will be credited via Pay-Pal or by bank transfer, net of withholding taxes.

Spread Wellness, click here and become a Wellness Web Partner