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Who we are

We want to build a better world.

We have always thought that to do something big, it is necessary to start from the small things.

In a world in constant motion, you need to stop and find your corner of peace. You need to have a moment of your own, to take care of yourself and your beauty in a natural way.

Benessence was born from the desire to spread a new, organic idea of well-being, without secrets. From the desire to offer you small moments of pleasure, in full respect of the environment.

Benessence was born for you.
To build a better world.

Our products come from right here.

Wellness Aloe Vera PulpAll based on pure Aloe Vera, grown and processed entirely in our Molise, a genuine and uncontaminated land. A process that takes place in harmony with nature and without any animal testing.

Nutrition, supplements, hygiene, cosmetics: high quality products at the right price, accessible to anyone.

Because if each of us can improve their lives by taking care of themselves naturally, our world will also become a better place.

We believe it, and you?

Where did we start from

Benessence Aloe CultivationOur story began in 2007, or perhaps much earlier. Enrico Torzi, founder of the company, was the first in the family, in 1996, to know Aloe Vera. And it was love at first sight.

Benessence was born with a vocation: to offer organic products, made with respect for animals and the environment, to give people small natural treasures and improve their lives.

Ours is a family business that aims to spread well-being through the marketing of organic products, born from the observation of nature and its benefits and to enhance the territory using 100% Italian raw materials, with a view to creating a project that is respectful of the environment and thus preserve the world in which we live.

We grow our Aloe Vera in greenhouses of organic agriculture, which maintain a mild and constant temperature all year round, located in Molise, a stone’s throw from our research and development laboratory and production workshop.

What we believe in

The most important value, always. On the labels of our products you will only read the truth, without secrets, because your trust is the only thing that matters.

The one we have taken so far to build this company. The one that we will also use tomorrow, to let everyone know the benefits and power of Aloe.

Add life to your days: that’s exactly what we aim for, offering you healthy habits and natural products. If you change, the world around you will change too.

We take care of those who choose our products, giving them a green caress, a treasure chest of well-being, a natural cuddle.

Appreciating simple things is what characterizes us, and you too. We want to give you small health and beauty rituals that will improve your days.

A magic that has been hiding for centuries among the fleshy leaves of our heart plant and that we, today, want to bring out.

Take all of this, add some Aloe Vera and you have the recipe for a better world.

Our goal has always been to spread the knowledge of Aloe, to discover all its uses and benefits to as many people as possible. Because only by rediscovering well-being at hand, can we begin to look at the world around us in a different way.

And, we are convinced, the world can become a magical place.Aloe Power Juice

Take care of yourself, find your corner of peace, become a person capable of bringing about the change we are all waiting for.

Choosing Wellness products means using only pure Aloe Vera, at a fair price, accessible to everyone. And this is essential for us, because the power of our products comes from their natural magic.

All our production takes place in respect of the environment, without experiments on animals, using only natural elements and without adding water.

Supplements, nutrition, hygiene and cosmetics: we accompany you and your family in everyday life, of course.

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