Our Loyalty Programme

Benessence offers you the chance to save money by buying!

Thanks to our loyalty programme, the prices of the products you find in your shopping cart will depend on how many Benessence Points you have accumulated in your previous orders.

For every Euro spent on the site, you will receive ten Benessence points and, according to the following table, you will be able to obtain more and more advantages

Once you have reached the first threshold indicated, you can decide whether to use your credit immediately or try to accumulate your points to try and get bonuses!

  • Collect at least 500 points and we will immediately give you another 50 points
    (with 550 points you can get a credit of € 5.50).
  • Collect at least 1000 points and we’ll immediately give you another 100 points
    (with 1100 points you get a credit of € 11.00).
  • Collect at least 2000 points and we’ll immediately give you another 200 points.
    (with 2200 points you get a credit of € 22.00).

When you reach the indicated thresholds you will receive the corresponding credit to spend on your purchases within the next 12 months.


  1. For each order you can use a maximum credit corresponding to 5 euros of discount on each product you are purchasing.
  2. Unused points will remain valid for the next 12 months and can be used for subsequent purchases. Of course, you will always need to reach the first threshold of 500 points to be able to use them.
  3. It is NOT possible to use the points discount to purchase products on offer.
  4. If the value of your shopping cart exceeds EUR 79, you will still be entitled to an extra 10% discount while using your loyalty programme points.

An example:

If you buy products for a total of € 50 you will get 500  Benessence points that will be added to the additional 50 extra points that we will give you for reaching the threshold of 500 points,  thus allowing you to get 550 points  that will entitle you to a credit of € 5.50 that you can decide to use for your next purchases on our site within the next 18 months.

For example, if in a month’s time you buy another € 30 of products on our site you can decide whether to use the credit accrued previously (-5.50 euros) immediately, thus paying € 24.50, or whether to continue to accumulate Benessence points in order to reach the further thresholds envisaged; in this case, the additional 300 points obtained with the second purchase would be added to the 500 points accumulated previously, for a total of 850 points. 

As mentioned above, always remember that for a single order you can only convert points corresponding to a maximum of 30% of the basket value.
In order to reach the further thresholds of 1000 and 2000 points, which will entitle you to more credits, you can continue shopping or earn extra points by reviewing our products!

By registering on our website you will receive   5  extra points and for each review of our products you will receive another  30 extra points.

To find out how many points you have, go to the ‘my points’ page under ‘my account’.

The loyalty programme does NOT have to be activated, it is automatically applied by our system to every purchase you make.

Please contact our  Customer Service for more information.