Activ Sol – Biostimulant and Protective for Root and Foliar Use -250 ml
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Activ Sol – Biostimulant and Protective for Root and Foliar Use -250 ml


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<== READ the PACKAGE LEAFLET to find out how to USE IT!

Activ Sol is a product developed to establish the rebalancing of the leaf microflora and increase the resistance of plants to frost.

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Activ Sol it’s a MICROBIOLOGICAL BIOSTIMULANT composed of selected rhizosphere bacteria and mycorrhias for root and foliar use.

What is a Mycorrhiza ?
This term indicates a structural and functional complex between a superior plant and a mushroom. This interaction is symbiotic, ie the two different organisms establish a relationship that involves a mutual exchange of advantages. The two species can thus coexist and strengthen each other, becoming less susceptible to infections and harmful stimuli of various kinds.

Bacteria of the rhizosphere limit in particular the proliferation of harmful fungi , while mycorrhias , entering into symbiosis with the roots of the plant, ne increase strength and endurance .

Activ Sol has been developed to favor the rebalancing of the leaf microflora, increase the resistance of plants to frost, hail, wind and the incorrect use of pesticides. Improves nutrient absorption and resistance to biotic stress conditions ( Oidium, Botrytis, Bacteriosis, Monilia ). The formulation accentuates photosynthetic efficiency, prolongs the life of flowers and the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

Why choose Activ sol?

  • Organic product is 100% natural .
  • Suitable for all crops, leaves no residue .
  • Does not require possession of the license to be able to use it.
  • It is a product safe for pets .
  • It is manufactured with respect for the environment.
  • It is a product Bee Safe , that is, safe for beneficial insects and pollinators.
  • It is contained in easily recyclable plastic bottles.


Content in Mycorrhias (Glomus spp.): 30%

Rhizosphere Bacteria Content: 2 x 10 8 UFC / gr

On Sol is an aqueous extract of brown algae and plant extracts. It acts as an activator for the product.


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How to use

In the images on the side there is the product leaflet.

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