Alix Bio- Organic Nitrogenous Fertilizer 1Liter
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Alix Bio- Organic Nitrogenous Fertilizer 1Liter


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Alix Bio – Organic nitrogen fertilizer with fluid extract of yeast and brown algae

ALIX is a liquid formulation containing a fluid extract of yeast and brown algae. The product, based on Nitrogen and organic carbon, is particularly suitable for reducing abiotic stress states due to adverse environmental conditions. In addition, due to its balanced mix of elements, ALIX can be applied at any stage of plant development, from the early vegetative stages (post-seeding/transplanting, spring recovery), to flowering and in the final stages to improve quality characteristics (flavor, color, size, etc.).


Shake the product vigorously before each application. Mix the necessary amount of ALIX for each liter of water. Possible to mix ALIX with all products in the Nutrigenera line. The product is generally found to be compatible with normal products used in agriculture. It is not recommended to apply it with products containing mineral oils or mixed with products with an alkaline reaction.
Foliar application: Dilute 20-30 g in 10 liters of water and apply evenly to the affected surface.
Horticulture: throughout the vegetative stage every 7 days.
Orchard, grapevine, olive tree: 3-4 applications 10-15 days apart from the beginning of flowering.
Root application (for all crops): Dilute 100- 150 ml in 10 liters of water and apply and with watering can, taking care to water the first 10-15 cm deep. Repeat treatment every 10-15 days as needed or in anticipation of stressors.

What does it contain?
Nutritional composition:
Nitrogen (N) Organic 1%
Carbon (C) Organic of organic origin 10%.
pH 3
Organic substance with nominal molecular weight < 50 kDa 30%

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