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Aloe Arborescens plant: aloe arborescens cultural technique

Aloe arborescens plant

Aloe Arborescens vera is a plant that needs a mild climate in order to grow. In fact, it lives well outdoors in the temperate-warm climate zones while in the cooler zones it must be sheltered from the winter cold as it does not tolerate temperatures below 5-8 ° C.


In the spring summer period the aloe vera plant should be watered in moderation, try not to wet the leaves in order to prevent water from settling between the leaves, causing dangerous rot. The technique is to water and let the soil dry out until the next watering. When autumn winter arrives, watering must be reduced. In spring they recover gradually.

Type of terrain

There aloe vera plant it is repotted in spring, increasing the size of the pot each time. Not having a particularly deep root system, it is preferable to choose a pot that is wider than deep and with adequate drainage holes as it does not like water stagnation and place gravel or pieces of earthenware on the bottom of the pot. There aloe vera plant It prefers predominantly sandy soils that favor the rapid draining of excess water.

Flowering of the aloe Arborescens plant

There aloe vera plant it develops flowers from spring to autumn depending on the species and varieties that form on the top of a long stem, simple or branched or in clusters and the plant does not die after flowering unlike Agave.

Used parts of the plant

Of the aloe vera plant fresh leaves harvested from a plant that is at least 3 years old are used. From aloe leaves nowadays a gel is obtained which is obtained by opening the leaf.

How is it used?

For external use, aloe gel is used as a healing agent for burns and wounds, as a soothing and calming agent, as a revitalizing and moisturizing tonic for the skin. Fresh, open aloe leaves can be placed directly in contact with the skin to soothe minor burns and scalds.



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