Aloe Vera juice to drink with Pomegranate - 3L


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AloeTai with pomegranate it consists of pure juice and pulp of Aloe Vera to drink , with the addition of juice of Pomegranate . The aloe gel is manually extracted from the heart of the fresh Aloe leaf deriving from our crops in Molise. – 3 bottles of 1L

 Aloe Vera juice to drink

Quality and benefits of aloe vera juice to drink

  • HIGH QUALITY JUICE: 100% Wellness Aloe Vera juice. It is formulated with the minimum of processing to allow the natural components of the plant to remain unaltered and best perform their benefits. The result is a NON filtered, NOT pasteurized product, consisting only of real pulp, to give you the full perception of Aloe Vera. It does not contain Aloin.
  • FORMIDABLE ANTIOXIDANT: pomegranate is a fruit with an antioxidant action, useful for counteracting oxidative stress and cellular aging.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION: best friend of well-being, Aloe Vera helps the intestinal flora and gastric flow by promoting digestion, naturally and without resorting to enzymes or probiotics, offering relief to the occasional release of gas caused by indigestion and swelling.

Our standards

Benessence has always been committed to the dissemination of products formulated and packaged according to respect for life and the environment
The product it does not contain water addition

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Weight 3,3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 22,5 cm
How to use

Shake well before use. For proper food use it is recommended to take 50 ml of product, daily dose, preferably on an empty stomach, also diluted in water or fruit juice. In case d





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