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Tris Seeds Quinoa Bio in ATM: Free Shipping Offer
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Tris Seeds Quinoa Bio in ATM: Free Shipping Offer


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Quinoa Seeds (Chenopodium Quinoa) Organic in packs of 1000 gr. Gluten free, rich in proteins, with complete and balanced essential amino acids, natural source of vitamins and minerals, excellent for sweet or savory preparations.


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  • ORGANIC PRODUCT: 100% Quinoa (Chenopodium Quinoa) from organic farming. Packaged in a PROTECTIVE ATMOSPHERE to keep the taste and nutrients intact – 3 pieces of 1 Kg
  • DID YOU KNOW THAT? The Incas called Quinoa the “Mother of All Seeds”. This pseudocereal is naturally gluten-free and is therefore suitable for consumption by celiac subjects.
  • HOW TO CONSUME THEM: Suitable for both hot and cold preparations, it can be used to create delicious recipes. You can use it as an accompaniment to meat and fish recipes, but also for the preparation of desserts such as biscuits or muffins.
  • SAFE PRODUCT: Without additives and without preservatives, it is suitable for vegetarians and certified VEGAN OK.

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Weight 3,3 kg
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 21 cm
Nutritional Values Table

Quinoa seeds

How to use

Quinoa seeds can be used for the preparation of sweet or savory, hot or cold dishes. To prepare soups, soups, risottos, vegetable meatballs, flans or to accompany meat, i





Organic product


Inci / Ingredients

100% Quinoa Seeds (Chenopodium Quinoa) from organic farming.

Capacity (ml / gr)

1000g x 3

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