Breath herbal tea – 250 g
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Breath herbal tea – 250 g


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Respiro, herbal tea with a balsamic and protective effect on the respiratory tract, is especially indicated in autumn and winter for the treatment of coughs, colds, flu, tracheitis and various inflammations of the airways.

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  • LINE OF TEA: Always engaged in the search for natural and beneficial products, Benessence has studied a line of blends based on medicinal plants with multiple properties.
  • BALSAMIC EFFECT: The Respiro herbal tea has a balsamic effect on the respiratory tract and helps to thin mucus and bronchial secretions. Thanks to these virtues, we recommend taking it especially during seasonal changes and the arrival of the first cold.
  • PROTECTIVE EFFECT: The components of the mixture have a protective effect on the respiratory tract, favoring its state of health.
  • HOW TO CONSUME IT: We recommend preparing the herbal tea according to the instructions on the package to drink several glasses during the day.

Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 7 cm
How to use

Pour two tablespoons of the mixture into 400 grams of boiling water. Leave to rest for 15 minutes, filter and add 4 tablespoons of honey to taste. Drink in small glasses throughout the day. Warning





Inci / Ingredients

Mallow flowers and leaves TT, Eucaliptus leaves TT, Hyssop top TT, Poppy red flowers TT (Rosolaccio), Primula flowers TT, Salvia officinale leaves TT.

Capacity (ml / gr)

250 ml

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