Detox Kit: Aloe Tai + Nopal + Draining Herbal Tea
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Detox Kit: Aloe Tai + Nopal + Draining Herbal Tea


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Detox Kit: Aloe Tai + Nopal + Draining Herbal Tea

Purify your body naturally with the help of our DETOX KIT: Drinking aloe vera, prickly pear juice and draining herbal tea for a super effective synergetic result!

Qualities and benefits of Aloe Tai

AloeTai is a supplement based on pure drinkable Aloe Vera juice and pulp from our own cultivations in Molise. The aloe gel is extracted manually from the heart of the fresh leaf, without undergoing any pasteurisation or filtration process.

  • Supports healthy digestion: the best friend of well-being, Aloe Vera improves intestinal bacterial flora and gastric flow by aiding digestion, naturally and without resorting to enzymes or probiotics, offering relief from the occasional release of gas caused by indigestion, bloating and more.
  • Purifying function: Aloe Vera juice and pulp has endless benefits, supporting and soothing the digestive system in particular, detoxifying the body naturally. Its purifying action helps our body eliminate toxins accumulated over time, especially through food. By acting on the intestine and stimulating the bacterial flora, it limits the proliferation of pathogens, also allowing better absorption of nutrients overall.

Qualities and benefits of Nopal and Drena Herbal Tea

Nopal is a natural supplement, with no added sugars, flavourings or colourings to ensure the right balance of your body weight. The product is also rich in Vitamin C and amino acids.

The juice is obtained by cold-pressing the gel contained in the blades (cladodes) of the prickly pear. The gel is extracted from the heart of the fresh leaf at the time of its ideal ripeness to ensure the retention of all sensitive ingredients.

rebalances body weight naturally
modulates and limits nutrient absorption
• has an emollient and soothing action on the digestive system
• regulates intestinal transit

Drena herbal tea promotes the elimination of excess liquids, helping to combat the annoying problem of water retention. It improves the functionality and health of the urinary tract. The components of the mixture help counteract the feeling of swelling and heaviness in the ankles and legs.

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