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Fly Sol – Repellent for flies and mosquitoes for foliar use – 250ml
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Fly Sol – Repellent for flies and mosquitoes for foliar use – 250ml


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FlySol is an innovative liquid formulation with a repellent action against a large number of insects.

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Fly Sol Quality and Benefits

Fly Sol it is a product BIOSTIMULANT containing rhizobacteria, mycorrhias and Beauveria Bassiana for foliar use.
The components of the formulation act synergistically exercising a repellent action versus a vast number of flying insects including flies and mosquitoes and crawling insects including cockroaches and ants.
The product is ideal for keeping flies and mosquitoes away and can be used on plants outdoors, for treatments in green areas, tree-lined avenues.

It can be used all year round, when the first sightings of unwanted insects appear.

Why choose Fly sol?

  • Organic product is 100% natural .
  • Suitable for all crops, leaves no residue .
  • Does not require possession of the license to be able to use it.
  • It is a product safe for pets .
  • It is manufactured with respect for the environment.
  • It is a product Bee Safe , that is, safe for beneficial insects and pollinators.
  • It is contained in easily recyclable plastic bottles.


Content in Mycorrhias (Glomus spp.): 30%

Rhizosphere Bacteria Content: 5 x 10 6 UFC / gr

Bauveria bassiana fungal spore content: 1 x 10 8 UFC / gr

On Sol is an aqueous extract of brown algae and plant extracts. It acts as an activator for the product.

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