Pantacce Wholemeal durum wheat semolina pasta Cappelli with Aloe Vera


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Whole durum wheat semolina pasta Cappelli flavored with aloe. Pack of 500 gr.

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The “Cappelli” whole durum wheat flour pasta is obtained by cold drawing, rolling and drying dough prepared with “Senatore Cappelli” whole durum wheat flour and Aloe Vera juice. The “Cappelli” durum wheat is considered the ancestor of the current durum wheat, not contaminated by mutagenesis. Therefore, a product that has not undergone genetic modifications, in order not to give up traditional flavor and content in favor of a high yield. In the processing of the pasta, only “Cappelli” whole durum wheat flours and Aloe Vera juice (extracted from the heart of the Aloe barbadensis Miller leaf, rich in active ingredients) are used, deriving from our crops in Molise. With the natural cold drying, the product remains practically unchanged, in fact both the color and the scent of the dough are not changed, but above all all the most important components for the human organism are preserved. The low gluten content (but high percentages of lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals) associated with Aloe juice guarantees easy digestibility and assimilation. The fiber contained in the bran, which surrounds the grain, in synergy with the Aloe Vera juice is an excellent remedy for constipation.

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Dimensions 10,5 × 6 × 24 cm
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Whole durum wheat semolina pasta

How to use

Excellent pasta with simple condiments (raw oil or sauces with fresh tomatoes) to fully savor the particular flavor, given by the mixture of aloe and durum wheat; but also for the preparation of Fr.







Inci / Ingredients

Senatore Cappelli whole wheat flour, Aloe Vera juice 10% (Aloe barbadensis Miller, gel sine cute), water.

Capacity (ml / gr)

500 gr

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