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POWER Flat Belly Kit: Aloe Vera with vitamins and minerals + Prickly pear juice + Birch sap
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POWER Flat Belly Kit: Aloe Vera with vitamins and minerals + Prickly pear juice + Birch sap


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Detox action kit, energizing and adjuvant for body weight balance: Aloe Vera with vitamins and minerals + Prickly pear juice + Birch sap.

Aloe Vera, birch sap possess a detox action, which can naturally purify our body. Prickly pear juice helps to keep tender body weight under control. In addition, the addition of vitamins and minerals provides support in cases of fatigue, stress and fatigue and improves mood.

Qualities and benefits of drinking Aloe Vera:

  • Supportive function: the combination of Aloe Vera with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, possesses antioxidant action, which is useful in counteracting cellular aging caused by the formation of free radicals. In addition, the addition of mineral salts (potassium and magnesium), help electrolyte balance, promote proper muscle function, and provide unbeatable support in times of mental and physical stress and fatigue.
  • Detox action: Aloe Vera juice and pulp especially supports and soothes the digestive system, detoxifying the body naturally. Its purifying action helps our body eliminate toxins accumulated over time, especially through food.

Qualities and benefits of birch sap:

  • Detox and diuretic action: Taking birch sap stimulates diuresis and promotes proper functioning of the urinary system. In this way, thanks in part to the expulsion of toxins with urine, the body is naturally cleansed.
  • Draining effect: Sometimes, especially if you spend a lot of time standing or have minor circulation problems, body fluids can stagnate in the legs and ankles and cause swelling. Due to its draining action, birch helps counteract water retention, a contributor to annoying problems such as cellulite.

Qualities and benefits of Prickly Pear juice:

  • rebalances body weight naturally
  • Modulates and limits nutrient absorption
  • Has an emollient and soothing action on the digestive system
  • regulates intestinal transit

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