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Snel herbal tea - 250 g


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  • LINE OF TEA: Always engaged in the search for natural and beneficial products, Benessence has studied a line of blends based on medicinal plants with multiple properties.
  • WHY TAKE IT: Fucus vesiculosus, a seaweed from the North Sea coasts, can help balance body weight and stimulate metabolism. This herbal tea is indicated as an adjuvant in case of low-calorie diets
  • DIGESTIVE ACTION: The components present in the Snel mixture favor intestinal motility and correct digestion.
  • HOW TO CONSUME IT: We recommend preparing the herbal tea according to the instructions on the package and drinking it 3-4 times a day, between meals.

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Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 7 cm
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Inci / Ingredients

Fucus vesic. Thallus TT (Sea oak), Lemon balm leaves TT, Bark Buckthorn (Rhamnus Frangula), Licorice root TT

Capacity (ml / gr)

250 ml

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