Tricosol – Trichoderma-based root bioprotectant
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Tricosol – Trichoderma-based root bioprotectant


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Trico sol – Trichoderma-based root bioprotectant


Trico sol is a formulation containing fungal spores of Trichoderma and rhizosphere bacteria, acts as a root bioprotectant.

The product is particularly suitable in the early stages of crop development such as post-transplanting, post-planting, or at vegetative resumption.

Due to the fungus’ ability to colonize the growing medium very early , it hinders the development of potential harmful microorganisms (such as: Armillarea, Phytium, Sclerotinia, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Verticillium), while stimulating the plants’ natural defenses.


  • Mycorrhizae content: 0.0001%.
  • Rhizosphere bacteria content: 1 x103 CFU/g
  • Trichoderma spp. content: 1 x108 CFU/g

What is a Mycorrhiza?
This term refers to a structural and functional complex between a higher plant and a fungus. This interaction is symbiotic, that is, the two different organisms establish a relationship involving a mutual exchange of benefits. The two species can thus coexist and strengthen each other, becoming less susceptible to infections and harmful stimuli of various kinds.

Why choose Trico Sol?

  • Prodotto Biologico e 100% naturale.
  • Indicato per tutte le colture, non lascia residui.
  • Non richiede il possesso del patentino per poterlo utilizzare.
  • E’ un prodotto sicuro per gli animali domestici.
  • It is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.
  • E’ un prodotto Bee Safe, cioè sicuro per insetti utili e pronubi.


Use the dosage of 5 ml of Trico sol + 5 ml of On sol per liter of water, using the dispenser provided in the package. Administer the solution into the soil, taking care to wet the top 10-15 cm deep. Repeat the treatment weekly or every 10-15 days as needed.

Our Standard

Our standard
Organic product and 100% natural. Suitable for all crops, leaves no residues and is safe for pets and beneficial and pollinating insects

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