Vera sol - Removes harmful insects - root and foliar use - 250 ml


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Biostimulant with Mycorrhizal Mushrooms

Biostimulant with Mycorrhizal Mushrooms / 500 ml

Quality and benefits Vera sol Biostimulant with Mycorrhizal Mushrooms

Vera Sol it is a BIOLOGICAL BIOSTIMULANT product that repels harmful pests. Containing rhizobacteria, mycorrhias and Beauveria Bassiana, for root and foliar use.

The components of the formulation act synergistically contrasting effectively attacks by phytophagous insects and harmful fungi . Furthermore, mycorrhias, entering into symbiosis with the roots of the plant, increase its strength and resistance. The product is designed to help the plant cope with and overcome the stress of both the leaf and root system, removing phytophagous insects ( Mites, Thrips, Elateridae, Diptera, Beetles etc..).

Why choose Vera sol?

  • Organic product is 100% natural .
  • Suitable for all crops, leaves no residue .
  • Does not require possession of the license to be able to use it.
  • It is a product safe for pets .
  • It is manufactured with respect for the environment.
  • It is a product Bee Safe , that is, safe for beneficial insects and pollinators.
  • It is contained in easily recyclable plastic bottles.


Mycorrhias (Glomus spp.): 30%

Rhizosphere bacteria: 5 x 10 6 UFC / gr

Bauveria bassiana fungal spores: 1 x 10 8 UFC / gr

On Sol is an aqueous extract of brown algae and plant extracts. It acts as an activator for the product.

Our standards

Benessence has always been committed to the dissemination of products formulated and packaged according to respect for life and the environment
The product does not contain water, only pure birch sap
The product respects the parameters required by the organic regulations

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