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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Italian Agriculture

3000 ml - Free Shipping

  • VeganOK
  • Made in Italy
  • Oil Campaign 2023
  • Natural antioxidant

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  • EXTRA-VIRGIN OIL: Product extracted solely by mechanical means, the result is a superior category olive oil.
  • ITALIAN PRODUCT: Produced from olives grown solely in Italy according to traditional methods. The entire production chain is carried out in Italy, from harvesting to pressing, to ensure high quality standards.
  • BENEFITS OF THE OIL: Olive oil is an excellent natural antioxidant. It promotes normal blood circulation and regular blood pressure. It also intervenes in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.
  • Oil year 2023. Fresh product.

Extra virgin olive oil

The product packaging may contain different information to that shown on our website. Please always read the label, warnings and instructions provided on the product before using or consuming it.

  • It is rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals;
  • It increases basal metabolism, thanks to polyphenols;
  • Used in the right quantities, it counteracts cardiovascular diseases and reduces the risk of obesity.


The Nutrition and Food line was born from the desire to bring the goodness and authenticity of organic nature to your table. Our products are mostly of our own production, or come from our partner producers who have passed our strict quality controls, and are mainly of Italian origin.  


From the heart of Molise

For centuries our ancestors took care of the olive trees, harvesting season after season the fruits of a generous land suited to the cultivation of this extraordinary plant.

It is from our olive groves located in lower Molise, between the sea and the hills, that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born.


During each oil harvesting campaign, we collect the olives at the right degree of ripeness by means of a pneumatic hand-pulping process, and then ensure that they are milled within 24 hours of harvesting.

From a cold extraction process we obtain our superior category EVO oil, which is stored in special containers to preserve its freshness and goodness.

The TRUE taste of EVO Oil

With its intense and slightly spicy flavour, it is suitable as a base for all kinds of preparations, but the excellence of its taste emerges above all when consumed raw, as a finishing touch in seasoning.


Did you know that EVO oil is good for your health?

  • It is rich in antioxidants, useful in fighting free radicals;
  • It increases basal metabolism, thanks to polyphenols;
  • Used in the right quantities, it counteracts cardiovascular diseases and reduces the risk of obesity.




Product specifications

Weight1 Kg
Dimensions14 × 9 × 36 cm
Instructions for useExtra virgin olive oil is a fundamental element of the Mediterranean diet. It is preferable to use it raw, to fully enjoy its flavour and organoleptic characteristics.
Capacity (ml/gr)3000
Inci / Ingredienti100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Story

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Benessence was born from the desire to spread a new, organic idea of well-being, without secrets. From the desire to offer you small moments of pleasure, in full respect of the environment.

Benessence was born for you. To build a better world.


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