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Rooibos Red Tea – 100 g

  • VeganOK
  • Made in Italy
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in Vitamin C and minerals
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Rooibos Red Tea is mainly composed of flavonoids, particularly quercetin, which can reduce the immune response caused by histamine.

It has an immune and free radical-fighting action, helping to combat ageing, thanks to the presence of antioxidants and vitamin C.
The limited presence of tannins (only 1%), which distinguishes it from black tea, helps to improve iron absorption.
It is a good source of iron, fluorine, calcium, magnesium copper and vitamin C.

It contains no caffeine and also has a calming effect that makes it valuable in cases of tension headaches and nervous hunger.

Rich in Vitamin C, mineral salts and antioxidants.

Aspalatus Linearis L. – Minerals in 100 ml: Calcium 0.54 mg, Iron 0.035 mg, Fluoride 0.11 mg, Magnesium 0.78 mg, Manganese 0.02 mg, Potassium 3.56 mg, Copper 0.35 mg, Sodium 3.08 mg, Zinc 0.02 mg.

Rooibos tea infusion is prepared according to the rules valid for classic black tea. Bring 200-250 ml of water to the boil and pour in a heaped teaspoonful. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes.

Product packaging may contain different information to that shown on our website. Please always read the label, warnings and instructions provided on the product before using or consuming it.

Loose teas and herbal teas are generally of high quality and have a completely different taste and aroma, being selected down to the smallest detail, choosing the perfect herbal combination for each need.

Moreover, enjoying a loose herbal tea provides a little show for our breaks, one can watch the leaves slowly unfold, admire the colours and scents of the fruit and flower petals. Even in the few minutes it takes to prepare the tea, we can relax by witnessing this little show in our cup every day.

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Choosing the right teas and herbal teas for your daily needs has never been easier! Our selection of teas and herbal teas, made from the best herbs and natural ingredients, offers you an effective solution for all your daily needs. From relaxing effects to energising properties, from digestive benefits to antioxidant properties, we have the perfect blend for you!  


Our Line of Teas and Herbal Teas

Natural Teas and Herbal Teas for everyday use. Thanks to the properties of selected herbs and the best natural ingredients, our teas and herbal teas effectively meet every particular daily need.

Red Tea - Rich in Antioxidants

Rooibos Red Tea, rich in health benefits, is predominantly composed of flavonoids, with particular emphasis on the presence of quercetin, which demonstrates the ability to reduce the immune response caused by histamine.

Thanks to its immune properties and its counteracting action against free radicals, Red Tea contributes significantly to the fight against ageing. This is possible due to the presence of antioxidant substances and vitamin C, which together act to preserve the health and youthfulness of cells.

A further advantage of Rooibos Red Tea is its low tannin concentration of only 1%, thus differentiating it from black tea. This characteristic encourages better absorption of iron in the body, promoting a healthy blood system.


Benefits of Red Tea

Red Tea is a valuable source of essential nutrients, including iron, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, copper and vitamin C. This combination of elements contributes to a complete nutritional balance, supporting bone health, the immune system and the body’s general wellbeing.




Product specifications

Weight0.1 Kg
Dimensions9 × 6,5 × 4,5 cm
Instructions for useThe rooibos tea infusion is prepared according to the rules for classic black tea. Bring 200-250 ml water to the boil and pour in a heaped teaspoonful. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes and drink.
Capacity (ml/gr)100 gr
Inci / IngredientiAspalatus Linearis L. – Minerali in 100 ml: Calcio 0,54 mg, Ferro 0,035 mg, Fluoro 0,11 mg, Magnesio 0,78 mg, Manganese 0,02 mg, Potassio 3,56 mg, Rame 0,35 mg, Sodio 3,08 mg, Zinco 0,02 mg.

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