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Affiliate Program


Membership is open to all and is completely free of charge.



The way it works is very simple: every time one of your visitors makes a purchase on, you will receive a 10% commission on the sale generated and your friends will get a 15% discount on their first purchase!


Once you have signed up, remember that:

You will be emailed an affiliate link (or affiliate token) to share with your users. It is essential to share this affiliate link with your friends to start earning commissions on their purchases. Should you lose the link, fear not, you can always find it again in the ‘generate link’ section of the affiliate dashboard.
You will receive a promotional code* to send (along with the affiliate link) to your friends so they can get 15% off their first purchase. *This code cannot be used in combination with other promotional codes.

Once the first order has been placed, your ‘affiliates’ will be linked to you via the affiliate token for each of their purchases, and you will be charged commissions on each of their orders ‘forever’.

How to link your ‘affiliates’ through the TOKEN:

There are two ways for the link to take place:

  1. customers click on the affiliate link and continue with the purchase, the link is made automatically. This would be the ideal method, so that customers then only have to enter the discount code in the ‘promotional code’ field and get the discount on their first order.
  2. customers access the site normally (so they visit, in the shopping cart summary there will be a special section where they can enter the affiliate token and validate it. At this point, however, as in point 1, they will still have to enter the discount code in the ‘promotional code’ field to obtain the discount.

For both methods, they only need to follow the procedure the first time and the link will be permanent. Please understand that for the calculation of commissions, affiliates need to validate your token otherwise nothing will be calculated by the system.

In addition, in your Affiliate Control Panel you have the possibility to check

  • real-time statistics of your commissions
  • your account balance and related payments.

How do I collect commissions?

Once you have accumulated 50 euros in commissions, we will credit you with the sum by bank transfer in accordance with the conditions set out in the Affiliation Agreement.

Still in doubt and not sure if you are doing everything right?

Fear not! We have thought of everything, contact us for more information! We offer 30 min training for all affiliates who want to participate.

Write to us at to arrange a training call with our experts.